If we check the dictionary meaning of Weed, “it says that weed, in general, is a plant or sapling growing at a place where it should not be.” Life is unexpected, what we want is seldom what we get. There is always a margin between our expectations and achievements.

A few days back it was Ram Navmi and as it is said that is the birthday of Lord Ram and comes on the last day of Nav Ratri. (During which some of us would have done Nav Durga Sadhna). It is a ritual in our family and in almost everywhere that we plant Tulsi(Basel) on Ram Navmi which was on 21 April 2021 this year.

After a week I was today watching the pot in which we planted Tulsi and found that Tulsi has not yet sprouted but yes, weeds that too of three-four types have come up and that too nearly 3 to 4 inches and swaying happily. The same was the case in the flower pots where the growth of the flowers was not that much as it was of different types of weed. Instantly a thought came to my mind, that aren’t these weeds like unwanted thoughts in our mind and as weeds they also pop up whenever and wherever they want to. These weeds have a unique strength of growing fast and are always in large numbers.

If we look into it we find that thoughts also pop in our mind and run haywire from one to another, bothering our peace and growth of mindful thoughts. It becomes a task for us to weed out these and let the nutrition of water and supplements reach the main plant and it is not a one-time affair, but we have to continuously keep a check on the growth of weeds among our plants.

In the same way, unwanted thoughts pop up and play around with our peace of mind. It stops us from focusing on our goals, we have to continuously keep a check on our thoughts. It is the same way as to keep our garden clean we weed every week, in the same manner, we need to keep our mind clean by watching our thoughts. Nature teaches us in every action of her the only thing is that we have to attune with it.