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First of all, I am thanking to Om Swami ji. He is an inspiration for me. And this is my debut here, so I pray with God to contribute as much as I can. Friends, I am sorry if you find any mistake in this article, and let me know I will correct it. 

One day, the river of my life is about to be disappear. And I don’t know when I will get a chance to flow again. Life is here and I am also. When I look around, it seems that everything is futile, then, what is the essence? Where is it? Is it exists?

The life which is in my hands right now is full of many bad conducts like fear, jealousy, hatred, ego etc. How can any person be happy and blissful in this and can call it meaningful? Life is meaningful only when It should be easily moving, without any friction, it does not change its real form even by going under different changing conditions.

God gave me a body, but I made it my bondage.
He gave me mind and I tied myself with it.

Now I am protecting this body, and my mental structure, but a day will surely arrive when I will stop doing all this.

Is there nothing in whatever I am gathering, which death, (which is my ultimate truth in my seeing and which seems to be approaching towards me), will not be able to take away from me?

My body, in which I am, will one day remain only a part of this earth in the form of ashes. I do not know how far my thoughts, feelings, knowledge will travel with me and for how long they will keep me covered with my true nature like dust on a mirror.

Knowing the truth of this body, knowing the truth of this mind, I want to attain realization. I don’t want to miss this present, this opportunity by grinding life into two wheels named as birth and death.

If I misses this opportunity, it would simply mean that I am my own worst enemy. I do not want to wander in this cycle for more births. I have a genuine thirst for truth, I must go in search of the lake, for jumping in forever.

Thank you for reading.

Yours, Amit k.

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