Dear Readers, Greetings! Let’s play a fun game! Today, I am going to reveal two events that occurred in my life in reality, while one event is purely imaginary! Please guess which one is imaginary, and leave your comments in the comment section.😊 

Story I

Since my childhood I had the habit of reading autobiographies and biographies of great minds and people. And I always looked for  opportunities to meet giants. This happened to me in the year 2000 or 2001! That time I was studying at IIT Delhi. One day, we got the news that Prof. Stephen Hawking of ‘A Brief History of Time’ fame is visiting Delhi and will deliver a talk at the Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi. There was tremendous craze and rush all around to get the auditorium-pass to listen to the talk by this great man. He was quite popular even among general public. As a physics enthusiast, I was too excited to let go off this chance to see him in person!  But unfortunately, I could not manage to get a pass. I was heartbroken. I got to know that even many Professors from IIT Delhi could not manage to get a pass! Anyway, on the day of the lecture by Prof. Hawking, I decided to go to the venue of the talk. I had this strong faith that Mother Divine will manage a pass for me come what may! She never denied anything in my life if I want that wholeheartedly. As I was roaming like crazy near the people lined up to enter the auditorium, all of a sudden, an old lady approached me and offered me a pass! This was simply a miracle and I still feel thrilled about it.

Story II

When I was in the nineth standard, I got to study a biography on Napoleon Bonaparte written by Assamese writer Satyen Borkotoky. This book influenced my life tremendously (more about it here!), which I read numerous times whenever I feel depressed or so. I always dreamt to possess the quality of perseverance, hard-work and will-power of Napoleonic caliber! There was a time in my life, when inspired by Napoleon’s life, I often studied up to 3 am in the morning. He was my childhood idol! Naturally, it was a dream for me to visit Napoleon’s birth place Corsica, in France. I waited long for this dream to get fulfilled. And, suddenly I got the opportunity! In 2017! By now, I am a faculty at the department of Physics, IIT Guwahati. I got an invite to give a lecture at Paris in a Quantum Optics conference. And I used this opportunity to visit the island Corsica!

Story III 

As I said earlier, I always follow or chase big personalities! I try to meet them personally, which rarely happen as I am too shy to approach someone. This incident is again from the time when I was at IIT Delhi. In 2001 or so, Prof. John Nash, on whom the movie The Beautiful Mind is made, visited IIT Delhi. By that time, I saw the movie at least five-six times at PVR Priya, Delhi. He gave a talk at IIT Delhi’s Dogra Hall. As I was sitting at the back of the Auditorium, I suddenly saw Prof. Nash  going towards the washroom attached to the Hall! And crazy me!  I followed him to the washroom! And I had a close look at him from very near distance, imagining my self to be a great mathematician! 😀

Please guess, which one of the above story is imaginary!

P.S. This post is a part of OS.ME group writing project. We need to write everything within a 30-minutes window, and not allowed to edit our writings much later on. It’s an amazing experience! Thanks Medha Shri ji for this initiative!