Time, Energy & Money

Be Wise With These Three Things

We all know the value of money or our wealth, but do we know the value of time and energy? We squander our time and energy mindlessly. Somehow we all understand money is a valuable resource. And we try to save it, even at the expense of others’ suffering. Money has become more important than human beings! This is the value we’ve given to money. 

But when it come to time and energy, we are fairly ignorant. A large portion of our time and energy go wasted in various things, most of them being unproductive. We should be more cautious in spending our time and energy. They make our lives. 


If wealth is lost, it can come back. If energy is lost, it can be gained back after some time. But time is the only resource, which once lost, cannot be regained. Once it’s lost, it’s lost forever. So, should time not have the greatest significance in our lives? But to us, money holds the greatest place. Yes, money is extremely important. It’s linked to our survival and necessary for a comfortable life, but that’s all. Money’s role ends there. But we’ve stretched it too far. All the time and everywhere either the talk is about people or money. Nobody talks about the importance of time. TIME IS THE MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE! We have to be more aware about time. Time is life. Think of it for a minute.


Energy simply means our physical and mental abilities to do various things. As there is physical energy, there is also mental energy. And we use both of these energies all the time. Energy is a limited resource. So, we should invest our energies in only those things which are beneficial for us. We dissipate a lot of our energy in unnecessary and unproductive things. Excessive indulgence in entertainment, excessive talking, overthinking, gossiping, excessive use of social media—all these dissipate our energy. Don’t they? When you become lazy and spend your time passively entertaining yourself through binge watching or listening, don’t you feel even more lethargic? Do you feel energetic after spending hours watching TV or using social media? We become more dull and dizzy, don’t we? Short periods of entertainment may give us some refreshment, but longer periods take a toll on our senses. That’s why we should not spend too much time with screens. Screens destroy our valuable attention, make us dull and what’s worse, it kills our precious time. 

Use your physical and mental energies wisely. Don’t be a slave to entertainment. Gossiping or talking is also a subtle form of entertainment. To see, to hear, to speak, to think—all these require a lot of mental energy. If you learn to conserve your mental energy, it can be channelized to enhance the mind in phenomenal ways. For example, if you simply talk less, only when necessary, you’ll see, in your mind also, there will be less thoughts. Less thoughts mean more mental energy. Plus, your speech quality can greatly enhance. It will have a different power about it. Experiment and see. Just cut down your talking by 50% for a month. Or as much as you reasonably can. You will definitely feel the difference. You will be more wise. 


I don’t have to advise you on this. We all know that we should save money. But I’ll tell you some points which will be good if you keep them in mind. 

Money is not life, money is for life!

Do you understand what I’m saying? We have made the great mistake of thinking that money is the end goal of life. No, money is only a means to facilitate life. It should never be the end goal. It’s an immaterial thing, a piece of paper. Relationships, people, this world are infinitely more important than all the money in the world. Money can buy you things, but not life. Life is in love, in service, in Self-understanding. Keep this in mind.

Don’t rush for money. Be competent. Money will come to you.

Remember the dialogue in the movie 3 Idiots when Rancho (Amir Khan) tells his two buddies—”kabil bano, kamyabi jhak marke piche aayegi!”

In India, we are all familiar with the iconography of Lord Vishnu, who rests in Anantasana on Anantanag, and Goddesses Lakshi is serving Him. Devi Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is said, She is chanchala (restless). She doesn’t stay in one place. But She always stays with Lord Vishnu. Why? Because Lord Vishnu has all the aishwarya (opulence) of the universe. He is the embodiment of all the virtues and divinities. That’s why, Devi never leaves Him. These iconographies have things to teach us, isn’t it?

Money stays. Experiences go with us. 

At the end of our lives, all the wealth and riches that we will accumulate, will be left behind. Not a single penny can we carry. Only life experiences will go with us. So, why all this buzz? All this madness about money?

Earn, but learn more.

These are the points I thought I should share with you. 

Summing Up

Don’t waste time. Our life is a limited amount of time after all. Invest your energies in things which are beneficial for your growth and overall upliftment. Earn only to have a better life, so that you can make others’ lives better. Don’t make money the end goal of life. Be wise with these three things. And you will have a great life! 

Thank You.
Image Credit: iStock Photo.