Old couple who lived independently in a big city(Let me call them Ramesh and Geetha) who are very close to me. Whenever I meet or call they use to shower their love on me. Ramesh and Geetha had noble life, they worked very hard and independently built a comfortable living. A small turmoil in their calm life made me rethink over my time that I’m enjoying.

Ramesh had a small wound in his mouth doctor suggested to operate. Even though operation was successful he was unable to recover from mental wound caused by his son’s bad marital life who is living in America. There were some situation we thought Ramesh can not recover any more. Geetha handled everything alone bravely. In spite of these many challenges in a old age they never forget to smile and shower me with love when I call them. Ramesh is recovering now slowly.

Helpless eyes of Ramesh where he can not do anything about his son’s life, Loneliness, voice of Geetha filled with pain and insecurity left me with tears. Am I ready for my last moment? I  always forget its a short stay on this planet. Every day every moment is a gift. I know I’m not old but still age does not matter, any moment can be last moment “Time is ticking”. Its not worth to be angry, to hate, to be stressful and waste time  so I decided to value my gift. Following are the list of things I decided incorporate in my life so that there may be no regret at the last moment

1.Stop wasting time in social media: Like many I too waste time in social media just scrolling Instagram, Facebook or YouTube  I feel its a sheer waste. Instead of liking commenting on others life we can spend quality time with loved once or we can do something productive.

2.Mindfully choosing the words: Usually we start to take our loved once for granted. whatever the situation we need to use our words mindfully so that we don’t hurt any one.

3.With or without me world will run in the same way: Any moment of time its our duty to give 100% but without us what will happened to our loved once!! How they live or survive?!! This is the big fear. Every one can survive without any one. This one I need to understand well.

4.Money is not everything: In this competitive world we forget to give time for our self’s. Money is just part of our life, to accumulate that we should not waste our 90% of life time. Taking breaks, doing things which we love, spending time with our loved once is also important part of our life.

5.Taking care of body: This body is a big gift. through this  we can experience everything so giving rest, eating healthy food, doing exercise is necessary. Small illness can change our life experience. so its better to take care of our health.

6.Devotion and Gratitude: At the end its god’s grace without that what we can do?. Feeling of gratitude is very grate quality it makes our life smooth. Instead of worrying about what we don’t have, we can be happy and thankful for what we have.

7. Remembering Every day is a gift: As soon as I wake up I should remember and be happy,  remind my self  “this day is big gift I should make it worthy”. Be ready for challenges. whenever I feel low or negative emotions embrace me I should remember this.


I know I can’t change everything in one day taking small steps working on these things one by one helps.  Taking 30 days challenges helping me to slowly incorporate these qualities. Lot of people commented on A Journey of Self-Transformation article. I felt blessed. Your words motivated me to write more. I took another challenge this month too. I will write a detailed journey at the end of this month. If a single person motivated and start working then my intension of the article will be fulfilled.  This is my life my challenges, if you are going through similar things and feeling like changing don’t wait “Time is ticking for all”  Just start your journey.