This is a story based on the writing prompt –

Ques – Who is Sonya, Whose house is she exiting from, What is she carrying?

(Am rather late in posting this, but figured, better late than never).

Sonya crawled out from under the gap in the hedge, her mouth clamped tightly shut. It had been a difficult night. She had not wanted to visit Ajay but Tanya had insisted. In fact, she had seemed quite keen to have Sonya accompany her, which was rather strange. Tanya was the one who liked to go out. Sonya was a homebody who rarely ventured far from home. 

“We have a party to attend tonight, sweetie,” Tanya had cooed. “It will be great fun. I know you don’t like Ajay much but he is nice and has a huge house. You will have fun.” And so they had both gone out. 

Ajay’s house had been full of people. There were people on the patio, on the grounds, and in the living room. Some even in the bedroom. And strangely enough animals. It seemed as if everyone had brought their pets along. 

“Ugh, breeders. Don’t they know animals have rights and feelings too,” Sonya raged to herself as she listened to the talk around her. “Idiots, all of them.” 

Sonya had visited a few breeder friends of Tanya earlier but never liked the outings. She didn’t like being forced into trips she didn’t care for. And this was another one of them. She scouted around for a place to hide. “A quiet corner with a chair and a cushion would be nice.”   

“You are a beauty,” a man complimented Sonya. She didn’t respond. She was too irritated with the noise and the big hairy tomcat that seemed to follow her everywhere. 

“Get lost,” Sonya hissed angrily before slipping into the garden through the backdoor. She didn’t want any more of this. 

“It’s time to go,” Sonya ruminated. “Better to be alone than go through this once more. Just because I am a cat does not mean that I will mate with whoever she says I should. No more,” she swore as she stealthily pounced on the little bird that was to be her food for the day. “I can survive,” Sonya thought in amazement as the clamped bird stopped protesting and Sonya slipped out to her freedom.