And time will tell
of what you are made
A hundred years
you’ll rise like the flame
for now they see you
through guarded eyes
the little they know
and what has been pieced together
is but a glimpse
in the nature of the truth

Who are you
who can really know
but you are You
of that I’m certain
as air moves through space
and stars through the galaxies
integrity is your nucleus
it is your DNA
the building block
it’s the very layer

Just as the wick is all frayed
from burning whole day
slipping into the welcoming dark
a fresh one is lit
for you aren’t yet done for the day
there’s more work to be done
lists to be ticked
I wonder what is that point
from where hard work for you
becomes worship

What’s the power that courses
through your words
they come to pass
as people go knocking
on each other’s door
I wish I knew
a way to respect you
revere you more
for the little I have feels less
more so now

Maybe time will tell
it’ll teach us all
in you what have we found
and what has been lost
I’ve found a few things
namely God
He’s in your orbit
as the sun is never separate from sunlight
He’s one with you
and you with Him

We live in fortunate times, it’s truly a magnificent age, some will swim across and some will remain…chant His name!

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