As usual, I planned my day, today. What will I do this hour, next hour and my upcoming hours?

The planning of my tasks is done a previous night before I go to bed. That includes what time will I get up, what exercise regime will I follow, which meditation track will I pick up to what will be cooked for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to what book will I read and when will I practice my piano. The list includes all major tasks for the day and sometimes some boring but important as well.

Not only do I plan for myself but I also do it for my five year old daughter. It is not that I am a harsh or a strict mother. No, not at all? I give her all the space she requires and that space includes her decision making too. I just like to have some discipline. Whatever one does, that should be within the bounds of respect for everyone.  Probably and definitely, I have inculcated this habit from my dearest mother. Planning for her activities is primarily required to keep her active and chirpy as we have to stay at home all time due to lockdown. Neither going to school nor meeting friends or going to parks. Her activities include that of piano practicing, storytelling, art and craft, painting, non-fire cooking, watching her favorite cartoon. Not forgetting her physical activities which we do indoors.

The above “good” habit of maintaining the schedule has become stronger with grace and watching Swamiji’s discourses and reading several blogs as well. That reminds me of one of the Swamiji’s blog Eat that frog. It’s one of my favorites.

Also, couple of days back while reading wisdom in Reinforce column of RARE activities in Black Lotus meditation app, I came across a term TIMEBOXING. Frankly speaking, I was not aware of this and I immediately goggled to know more about it. Many of you must already be knowing, but small summary for those for whom this word is new as was for me.

What is TIMEBOX?

A fixed time period within which planned activity takes place. Sounds like time management in project management. Isn’t it? But, this methodology can be used for personal time management as well.  

Simply put, there is an agreed-upon timeframe when work or activity stops once that time frame is up. Wow, that will in turn help to manage our personal errands.

Today was no other day and things were moving as they should be. I had TIMEBOXED my schedule for the day and I happened to read Medhaji’s, our editor-in-chief of os.me community, editorial for the week in which she mentioned about the OSdotMe challenge. Instantly, an urge to participate rose and I started to think about the topics I should write that is worth the readers’ time. After all as they say, time is money. One should know to utilize time judiciously.

Thus, in between my already time-boxed schedule, one more to-do is added in the list to at least write one post daily for the next five days. I am not a skilled writer. I need to ponder over the topics on which I want to write and simultaneously make it inspiring and interesting as well. So, please bear with me my dear readers.

It’s more of a fun than a challenge for me. All the best to my lovely writers here. Let’s get started. Our time starts now.