You have known me since the time I was born

how elusive have you remained for eons

my proclivities are very well known to you

yet you don’t guide me to make me anew

you have seen me falter and fail

with the same mistakes being made again and again

your subtle hints reveal as intuition

my conditioned mind ignores them as confusion

I’m beginning to understand that my body is merely a vessel

for you are the real indestructible essence

how much I would love to know about the lifetimes I have travelled

the stories of trials and tribulations of my own self

I hope you are proud of the progress I have made

it is not lost on me that there are many more oceans to wade

I have realized that life will run its course

eventually everything must go back to its source

let us endeavour to finish this life on a high note

until we ultimately merge and become part of the divine force