Tireless Longings

What is this tireless longing within?

A longing for divine understanding

A longing to be consumed in Love of the purest kind

A longing to dance in ecstasy, Unbounded

Embraced by the soothing energy of sweet divine Love

How kind Your Grace

That I know nothing less will do

Among the myriad half truths

We yearn for the fullness of Your moon

We tirelessly long for Your gentleness

and look for it everywhere

Only if we knew…. really really knew


finding it is a journey of innumerable and one steps


Is it a few foolish lucky steps away!!!

How does one get there?
One thing that dawns is that it is really not accomplished by the faint of heart.
Neither can intense effort the wrong way help.
How kind that we have your presence with us at all times. You watch over us even when we don’t realise it fully. Your lovely energy guides our every breath, loving us, teaching us so many things by not really saying anything. We love you Swamiji ❤️