Back when I was a teenager, I had to switch schools after high school due to some weird circumstances, and in my intermediate years, I succumbed to a nervous breakdown where I was lost and morbid. I plunged into depression and nothing seemed alright. I used to cry several times a day for no obvious reason. 

At that time, if my friends from my previous school had tried to contact me or if I had done that myself, I may have won over this condition much earlier. But neither side did and I battled my condition alone, because, neither in my new school was I able to make new friends owing to my failing mental health and subsequent abnormal handling of situations.

Some days back, I was watching an interview of somebody and he was asked this one question- “What is your regret in life?” To this, he replied that he wished he had contacted his friends on time who lost their life due to suicide, and that, struck me. It is so true.

We generally tend to reach out to people seeking our self-interest first, but usually, people don’t message us or do we message them, asking genuinely about each other’s health, whether one is facing any problem in life and whether one could help in any way? I am not trying to over-generalize but people are so busy in their own life, that they sometimes say they do not have time for just a genuine message or phone call to their friends.

I think that is why we have calling a friend or loved one as a random act of kindness in Black Lotus app because we ought to be reminded that we have to sometimes come out of the shell of ‘My life, my problems’, which is a perpetual state, and live, be concerned, and show joy or sorrow for our friends, and our close ones, as well.

I know everyone is busy with their lives and as and when we grow older, we tend to make some new connections and discard some old ones. But, if we love a friend or someone else genuinely, we can at least find out sometime, maybe in a few weeks or months, to ask them about their health and well-being and make them feel loved. This way we will not lose touch with them and who knows, we may save a life from spoiling itself.

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