To Be Totally

When You Are With Your Loved Ones, Be With Them Totally.

Life is short. In this short life, if you have people who love you and are there for you, you are fortunate indeed. We should cherish those moments when we are with our loved ones. Because where there is love, there is life. In all its beauty and depth.

When you are with your spouse, child, or your dear ones, do you try to be with them totally? Or are you busy with your own stuff and therefore don’t realise the greatness of these moments? Those little touches, those gentle smiles, those eyes that express so many feelings and hold so many untold stories, do you feel them? 

I feel life is in these moments. They are not dramatic or well-planned. They are spontaneous expressions of genuine hearts. I am slowly learning to appreciate these moments. And some moments are so enchanting, the heart calls out to me saying—“Ah! How I wish to seize this moment! Wish time stops for eternity!”

We are so caught up with our own things that we don’t realise how precious these moments are. When we come to the present moment with all our heart and soul, amazing things happen. Moments expand like eternities. Do you know that if you are with someone you’re in love with, if you are very close to that person, your pupils will dilate? Something similar happens when we completely come to the present moment. The moment starts to unfold in our experience. These are the moments when we experience deep love, acceptance, affection and an extraordinary feeling of oneness. These are the greatest moments of human life. You must know how to be in the present moment with all your being. Then you’d know how it feels to be in true love. It transforms our very being and leaves us spellbound. In these moments you experience beauty. 

If you are with someone dear to you, try to be with them totally. Our being surpasses our words and actions far greatly. If your being is filled with love and gentleness, nobody can escape that force. Experience the power of being. Be totally present. And let the moments unfold…

Thank you.
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