Ever thought of hugging your dog (if you have one)? They too feel sad and lonely. Many of us leave our dogs alone at home. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that. Dogs are pack animals. Social animals. They like being in packs. Remember the phrase  “A pack of wolves”. Dogs are essentially wolves. When they welcome us into their lives, we become their packs.

Just one warning to everyone who is thinking of getting a dog for themselves. It’s hard work. They are like our own children. They need to be taken care of, bathed, fed, vaccinated, potty trained, loved, made time for and respected. They also have temper tantrums.

Once we domesticate them we can’t just leave them stranded on the road because we can no longer take care of them. They won’t survive. They are extremely vulnerable. They don’t bark to bite. They bark because they feel threatened. We should consider this factor seriously before getting a dog. We should only get a dog if we learn to treat them as our equals.

It’s a lot of responsibility. And they never grow up because they are conditioned by us to live with us. So they will always need to be served. They can’t go searching for food by themselves even though my dog loves to dig up holes in the front yard. 

As much as I adore her and love her, I respect her time and space to be alone, to sleep, to be with her playmates, to play with me, to observe the world go by from the verandah.

Sometimes I put myself in my dog’s place and think “Had I been in her place what would I be doing now?”

I have never been able to leave my dog alone in the house, all by herself. She wouldn’t survive. She has her own bed by my window where she sleeps by herself and when she wakes up in the wee hours of the morning, she wakes me up with her paw. She has to go and observe the sunrise from the verandah. She will lie there till the sun has risen and then beckon me to open the main door so that she can go out.

She communicates in many ways. When she wants to play she romps around the house, running completely wild. When she is extremely hungry or looking for a treat she will hover around me. When she needs to go out she will extend her paw on my leg or arm, whichever she can touch. When she wants to show her love, she just licks my hand and my cheek. Sometimes she plants a kiss when she’s feeling overly generous.

When she wants to check on both of us ( my mother and me) she will lie sprawled in the centre of the hall so that she can see both of us through the corner of her eyes.

After she is done roaming around (sniffing around) she returns home and gets a lot of cuddles from me. She likes having her breakfast in bed.

 She barks at everyone except her own family. She feels she needs to protect her pack. When she finds out that the people we associate with are close to us, she wags her tail at them and will approach them and lick them to show her approval.

Whenever I have groceries delivered at home she sniffs the package or the box and nods her head. She looks up at me as if saying, “Why do you get stuff which makes absolutely no sense to me? “

The best part is when I get back home after a walk. As soon as I unlock the door and get inside the foyer, she just jumps on me. She will lick, kiss and sniff me from bottom to top. The feeling is, “Where have you been all this time?” “Where did you go all by yourself?” “Why did you leave me behind?”

Her expressions are transparent, real and most of all unconditional. I actually feel very good having her around because she provides a lot of oxytocin.

I truly feel blessed to have found her by the grace of God and by the plan of the universe. And I remember, I did ask the universe for her. 

Ask and you shall receive.