Dear Sandeep ,

Thank you so much for reading and showing interest in my posts – saints biography . I read your comments . Insted of giving reply I am writting this post . You said I am amazing but  I am nothing dear Sandeep . I know these saints very well . Since from childhood I am hearing about them . Their poetries ( beautiful abhanga’s ) are in our study syllabus . These are very famous marathi saints . Varakari people worship them . they sings glory of them . One era was there when saint Dnyaneshwar ji started भक्ती आंदोलन in maharashtra . These great people followed dnyaneshwara’s teaching and spread knowledge . I am not lying but I tell you, when I started reading about them I felt very deep devotion inside . I cried so much . When I study about their abhanga’s and found their meaning, I suprised that how these people wrote these beautiful abhangas ? I asked question to myself were they already spiritually developed ? I mean I seriously didn’t understood how someone like who born in very poor family and strugling for basic necesities can wrote these beautiful abhanga’s ? When I think about saint Janabai , saint Gora Kumhar , saint Kanhopatra , Saint Sakhu all these people didnt even more educated still they wrote beautiful poetry . They not only wrote but gave very deep message to society . I think lot to learn from them . You are right Sandeep , who comes in saints company he or she also becomes saint . That’s why Tukaram Maharaj says in his Abhanga – I don’t need libration or money , Just give me Saintly company . When I read about saint Chokhamela and his wife Soyarabai , I cried and cried . His abhanga’s are very भावपूर्ण . चोखा म्हणे माझा भोळा भाव देवा । गाईन केशवा नाम तुझे ।। Chokha is saying , O lord my bhava’s are very innocent . I only knows to sing your name . There is lot to tell about them but I am stopping now . Sorry I can’t explain in detail about saint’s biography and abhanga’s in english but I am trying in hindi . Whatever information I get , I translated in hindi as per my capability . I feel these saints are unique gems . I am begger to their door . I even don’t have one percent devotion towards God . I am very very much thankful to all these saints . My infinite pranam to them 🙏