Tired of thinking about incessant problems,

wondering if I could solve any,

I close my eyes to get some respite,

from the crippling issues which are many.

To my surprise,

I find myself in front of you,

confused between tears and smiles,

as this is something completely out of the blue.

Come rushing the feelings,

that I had suppressed for so long,

knowing well I cannot come to you,

I had to stay strong.

But here you are now,

your lips smiling and cheeks shining,

as I try to make sense,

of what I am feeling.

I can feel the warmth,

that I’ve felt every time I see you,

I can feel the yellow lights,

falling and creating a hue around you.

I’ve tried not to think about you,

that is how I’ve coped,

but you know I’ve missed you,

to see you soon is all I’ve hoped.

I’ve wished I could come to you,

tell you everything that’s in my heart,

but here I see you now,

and I don’t know where to start.

So I let myself drown,

in your warmth that I feel,

you’ve wrapped me in your arms,

now is the time I can heal.

I look at your beautiful face,

offer you fragrant flowers,

bow down to touch your feet,

taking in all the love you shower.

With the peace you’ve bestowed on me,

I’ll move on with purpose in coming days,

but I wish for you to visit me more often,

so that this beautiful feeling stays.

I know I don’t express my love,

it’s something I do rarely,

but I’m sure your heart knows,

I love you Sri Hari truly and dearly.