To Stop Energy Leakage, Meditate!

Meditation is a very simple and pleasant thing to do, with widespread benefits. It enhances the intellect of one who practices to such an extent that one gets ten times more unique and creative ideas. Thoughts become as deep as the oceans, and the mind settles to a perfect calmness and euphoria. People who practice meditation vouch for the merits of it. But what is this “specifically sitting in silence” do? Why do humans need to meditate?

Ancient Indian Vedas are full of knowledge, which explained that consciousness is made of both mind and intellect. The basic function of the mind is to desire and feel, enabling an experience of the body in the outer world, and to enjoy it.

Identification of the material self happens when the mind is allowed to act as and when it desires, without the control of the intellect. When the control goes, intellect is forgotten. Generally, the intellect is overshadowed by emotions and thrown out by countless thoughts. The mind in its essence is very egoistical as it always focused on fulfilling the desires it has. This means that perpetual thoughts keep circling in the head, besides various emotions at the same time. When a person wants to rest the mind to bring in silence, it just will not allow it and start resisting by sending thousands of thoughts affecting the nervous system. It is said, the mind can be a great servant, but as a ruler, it is a tyrant.

On the other hand, the intellect is completely different. It has infinite characteristics. It is the source of love, creation, and wisdom. The intellect already knows everything. It has a consciousness of its own. That’s why the human entity is already an amazing being, full of goodness and light. To experience this state of being just one thing is needed – to calm the mind.

The mind is aware of its existence working continuously on its survival mechanism. It will create strong restrictions in the thinking process of a person through desires, fears, perpetual thoughts, and worries. Even more is the restrictions it creates related to the perception of the world through the five senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching, conveniently covering the true magnificence of the world. Another way at understanding what the mind is up to is to understand that it creates a personal and collective illusion for the person.

Humans have pretty much the same mind and are the same species. The minds of every human being model the world almost identically. This is fundamentally a collective illusion. For instance, everyone can see the same blossom of a rose, the same red color, and the same shape. Besides, describing it the same way. This is how everyone would agree on it, but is it the truth?

Actually, it is not. It’s just how the brain of human beings models the environment to survive. Other living things will perceive a rose differently. In fact – the rose, a fragrant plant, doesn’t exist for anything except humans. It is just a piece of the unimaginable complexity of creation and existence where humans are part of it.

As far as personal illusion is concerned it is created unconsciously when a person is experiencing life and existence. The mind creates millions of “neuro-associations”, which refers to deciding the difference in perceptions of the same object. The term neuro-associations is about the connections between objects and emotions of the mind. For example, classical music equals pleasure; and examination at the university equals stress. This means that different people will perceive the same rose blossoming differently. Just about everything in the world will be perceived differently.

The mind is considered a supercomputer having programs that frequently fight each other. That is why the energy channels of everyone are leaking. Day in – day out, humans lose energy over the chaos in the mind, and on a continuous basis, humans can’t experience bright, strong, and euphoric states generally called enlightenment.

To conclude, humans need to transform themselves. They need to prevent energy leakages within. And the only way to do it is through Meditation. That is why it was invented so that humans can win back the naturally inherited power and joy.

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