Every word graced by the warm love of Swamiji on the post, acted as a magnet of emotions, those emotions which condensed to form the tears, that gushed down so swiftly, as if to make way for each one of its kind. Each tear was expressing its sadness, tears too were crying. Your reverence, your personal stories are never ever going to be tales of monotony. They are in fact, the ways that make us feel belonged and cherished by our true creator, that we all have the ONE to call ‘ours’ forever. Pitashree has always been in the state of Nirvana ever since you chose him. One cannot even imagine the great Karmas of His to have had a Son like You. It does indeed take a saint to be a father of the greatest one. The Sun has always been there, but the sunshine has only dawned since 1979. Those who will make Hay, will become one with the Sunshine, those who don’t will dwell as lonesome souls praying to the moon for another day.

With heartfelt gratitude and love always

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