*Today I Froze  *

Your smile
It keeps me going
Each day
As dawn breaks
I do too
A little at Your Holy Feet
As I bend
I break the age old shackles
Only a tiny bit
But I do

The angel of peace
Touches me at Your sight 

I was scared
Afraid and worried
In that frenzy
I froze

The charm of Your smile
It reflected back from my cold self
Your Divine Presence
Was the same
Your were the same
But I wasn’t

I was hurt
A little abashed
It’s only You I have
And they wish to take You away
Or me

I spent the night gasping
Then at dawn
I was cold
I froze
So the heat of this human race
Reaches not me
But the barrier
I rose
Yes I was cold
I froze

I froze to
Everything in this world
To hurt
I foresee
To Your Divinity
And Your grandeur

I knew not the consequences
Until I stood
In Your presence
And then I felt cold
The warmth of Your smile
Could not melt me anymore

It amazes me
How a slight itch
A worry
A lose stitch
Brought a whirlpool
In my tiny
Once peaceful world!!

Image Credit: Unsplash