Vocabulary in simple terms means the database of words and their meanings which you know and are familiar with in a particular language. This is not a dictionary definition but my own. 

My father always used to tell me to better my vocabulary. When I was a child I found that boring and didn’t understand its significance. But now I decided to make a notebook for the new words I learn from books and here and there.

I jot down words and I realize how many words I still don’t know. I have understood the importance and benefits of honing my vocabulary.

The benefits of a good vocabulary which I have understood are:

  1. It makes writing and speech more beautiful. It gives breath and aesthetics to the words that flow when you are writing or speaking.
  2. It helps you write and speak concise and better sentences rather than longer and humdrum ones.
  3. It opens vast landscape of new ideas. With every word that you know, it has a potential to provide you with a new idea to form your statements and speak and write more meaningful sentences.
  4. It gives wings to the way you communicate with others and improves your speaking and writing skills. It makes communication more efficient and effective.
  5. It gives you the power to express yourself in precisely the way you have it envisioned. Due to lack of right words sometimes we fail to express ourselves exactly the way we want to. Having a good vocabulary helps us there.
  6. It boosts your confidence while articulating. 
  7. It serves as a stepping stone to professional success because it hones your communication skills.