Who does not want to live in a state of bliss; a state of contentment; a state of well being that makes life meaningful and joyful. To all us living beings these are questions that plague our mind and will remain our primary objective in life.

Can happiness be guaranteed by others; can it be demanded or obtained by coercion or request; these are ideas that we need to reflect upon. Life can only be worthwhile if we are at peace with ourselves and feel a sense of achievement in all we do which makes us happy. If we are surrounded by people who care for us, appreciate our efforts, and show genuine concern for us it definitely creates a sense of euphoria and an environment of happiness. But is that enough for one to feel happy is a personal choice. We can have the best of opportunities and great experiences but still believe that we are not happy. So it is important for each one of us to define Happiness!

In my lifetime I have come across many people who are not willing to admit that they are happy in spite of being successful in their own fields. I can understand their ambition and drive but have often felt that it is important to also determine avenues and set some parameters to realize this emotion of being happy as a reward for the things we do. A conscious effort to feel that life in itself is a blessing and is enough to give us a sense of happiness. To always strive for success and prosperity is our desire but in this process, we get so entangled that we forget to celebrate our little wins which is a sure shot way to be happy on a daily basis.

It is also important to realize that happiness is a choice we can make every day. It is really up to us to maintain a state of happiness throughout the day or keep getting perturbed by the little irritations of life.

Make a decision to stay happy and you will!