I am tired of toxic positivity. People say, be thankful for having a roof over your head, for having food on your plate, etc etc. There are people going hungry for food, sleeping on the road having no way to protect themselves from cold, and so on. How can we be thankful wholeheartedly with so much misery and suffering in the world, just because we don’t have to go through it? Is that not a selfish practice? I think being thankful for what we have is not enough, it creates a fear of losing those very things. Thats my personal experience. I think, having a grateful attitude means nothing if its not extended to help even a single soul in misery. Also, I have always found the words ” it could be worse”, very invalidating. Because, there is always someone in a worse position than we are. Does that mean they are worse off and not salvagable? Why feel better about ourselves or worse about ourselves for experiencing life a certain way? 

Now the question arises, what attitude to adopt in that case? Attitude of compassion. With ourselves and with others. (I have in no way achieved this fully yet, but my mind does understand this, even if its not able to act on it always.) 

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