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In the First chapter we will talk about the first face of life which we all are familiar with .


               ” Mother and father “

 When we are born the first trace we find is our mother’s face after coming out . Mother means “Most Organised, Truthful ,Honest, Emotional and Responsible ” Person in the whole world . She is the one who likes you ,loves you and lives with you in every stage of life . Mother Loves you unconditionally and unlimitedly .


 Black or white , Tall or short, thick or thin , Healthy or weak , Good or Bad , She cares for you and never leaves you . Then came the second face which you see and admire whole life is none other than our Hero of life, Our father . I called him my hero as he always supported you in all conditions . Whenever you feel low dad comes and shower you strength by saying ‘ So what , you will do better next time ‘ 

I feel very happy and motivated to get back to my work . 


The difference between a father and mother is that mothers heart is too sensitive and protective. No doubt similar is the case with father but , Mother loves her child and has a small heart but Father is the one who is filled with strength . 

Let us take an example, when I was small my mother always told me to be at home or go with my big brother or sister . I always tell them… why mom ! I am a grown up child and why do you take so much tension? She tells me people are so bad nowadays and you have to be secure from them. Whenever I go to dad and tell them that mother is not sending me and then they always say ” It’s okay my child , You can go ” you have to face the world individually so you need to have that potential to fight with them if they harm you . That is the spirit of my father .



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