As a heart broken me met my family at end of the day on dinner,my appointment letter, giving company 15 days salary and packing to Chandigarh were our main topics of discussion, my parents were wise enough not to mention Bharat, his family or my matrimonial plans ,i myself told them ,i want to share dad said quite and hugged me tight to his heart ,saying i understand! May be my watery eyes told him all unsaid ! I dint even get time to cry my heart out but rather consulted my ex senior Asm ( assistant sales manager) who was a mentor and a very aggressive Corporate bee, he suggested ,its not easy to get a managerial cadre,so better forgoe 15 day salary and join J.l morison! Next day went in my resignation and packing for Chandigarh since i was among incentive winning employees ( grace again ,i had no capabilities to) , my company and immideate boss releaved me without hassles and not taking any pay cut! J.l morison informed me, since i was at third level of management, i would get a company taxi ( of course shared by German trainers) as well as a good hotel stay at sector 17 market Chandigarh, next day our training would start from there only and i ll meet my all India colleagues there too! All Bharat s pain was slowly getting locked in one part of heart ,may be to be cried onn some other time ! At our journey the German trainers made me almost a tour guide asking population, religious, political ,cultural divide in Indian society, our fashion sense ,our spending habbits and our family bonds! This way i was there favourite and most promising trainee as compared to girls from Banglore ,Calcutta ,Chinnai , Jaipur ,Ludhiana! We had a 2 day sales training on Nivea s new product line launch which were cooling After shave moisturizer which dint cause rashes or burning but a soothing feeling aswell Tooth pastes which people used to spread on bread and it as a intoxicating drug at some parts of the world ,then there was ofcourse newly improved nivea cream which was now being manufactured in Thailand instead of Germany, What will be our usp( unique selling proposition) ,how we ll place our product and gain market visibility were main contents of our training by Rolf Luke and Juta wolf ( pronounced as yoota not chappal waalaa jootaa) , At break time we were served club sandwhiches ,orrange juice and mushroom quiche ! Juta and Rolf took me to side worried on first day lunch break …what happened i asked? Meera…u Indians are amazing and very high i.q said they ,we had planned a 2 day training session and u learnt all in half a day ! What do we do remaiing 1.5 days? I suggested, if the company has paid for 2 days let’s ask the hotel to allow us a disco theque night for today and tomorrow all of us can go for a spree to Timber trail( timber trail was the nearest hill station to Chandigarh with trollleys and good scenic beauty) , Till this i had only seen discos in Boly wood…for what happens next keep following….

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