We all have that one person in our lives who love us unconditionally. We also love that person unconditionally. That person could be our mother, sister, best friend or anyone else. That ‘one love’ of my life is my NishthaJi, who is my di, my mother, my best friend and my everything. Yes! She is Sushree Nishthaji. I have known her since 2016, but it feels like I have known her since childhood.

Sometimes I think about the day when I met her and that day is most beautiful day of my life, actually on that day a miracle happened —I met my real family.

 I got an opportunity to first visit Sri Badrika Ashram (my home) in 2016 for the wedding of my cousin Akanksha di and Sakti jiju (brother-in-law). I saw Om Swamiji, Sadhviji in her pre-renunciation days (who wasn’t Sadhviji yet), Nishtha ji (who wasn’t Sushree Nishthaji yet). I was attracted to Nishthaji and I still don’t know why.

That was also my first time away from my village. I saw so many well educated and smart people for the first time and I wanted to speak and know them. But, of all the people, I wanted to speak to Nishthaji more and wanted to know her better.

One evening, when I went to the ashram kitchen to boil milk, Nishthaji was making prasad. I spoke to her in English and told her that I wanted to boil milk. She told me that she knows Hindi and that I could talk with her in Hindi only. I still don’t know why I spoke to her in English that day. That situation was embarrassing for me, but I laugh a lot whenever I remember it.

After the wedding, when we are about to leave ashram, she came to say bye. I started crying when I saw her because I had no idea how and when I would ever meet her again. But Sri Hari always has plans. Sri Hari sent her in my life for a reason.

After a few days, I tried to search her on facebook and sent a message for Aarti of Shri Hari Bhagwan. Then we got in touch and honestly speaking I don’t know how but she became a very important part of my life. She has seen my childhood, my adulthood and now also. On that day I did not know why I wanted to talk to her but now I realize I needed her at that moment and now also. We all need one person who actually understands us and stays with us. She might be physically away from me or we talk once or twice in a month but her teachings, her love, her concern is always there.

 I am extremely grateful to these three people — Nikunj di, Sadhvi Vrinda ji and Nishthaji —who really made my life better. I completed my education because of them. They not only gave me formal education but also they have taught me about life.

They are true example of kindness. Nishthaji accepted me the way I am and has been taking care of me like my mother. Though I don’t exclusively call her as my mother, I think if I had a mom, she’d be exactly like Nishthaji. Thank you for making my life so beautiful and taking care of me.

I think I was the only one who cried out of insecurity when she became Sushree Nishthaji because for a moment I thought I’d lose her but I did not. I still have her in my life the way before her renunciation. Things have changed but the one thing which hasn’t changed is “love”. She came into my life as a miracle. A miracle which has filled my life with love.

So, I dedicate not only this day but also my every day to you.  I Love You ♥️. Thank you so much Swami ji for her.

PC : Anand Bhaiya.

Keep giving your blessings.

 Bow down in your lotus feet,

Thank you,

Keep Smiling,

Riya Om