In this Valentine’s day, I would love to introduce my love story. So let’s start. 

Mother:- All I know she wants me to be safe , eat food and live. But I am a bit rebellious. I don’t want to sit in a safe zone and just wait for things to happen. So I make sure I have started things early.
She knows what my needs are. She always offers everything. She offered food to me and after some time she just asked have you finished your meal. Conincidentally almost every time , I have finished my meal just then.
( When I am typing this, she just called me over the phone 🙂)
She wanted me to dress well like other young boys. But I don’t want any high priced cloth or accecories. There is always a bit of difference in opinion between me and my mother. She didn’t like my spiritual practices at this age. Because Love makes you blind. But I know with God’s grace , everything will be okay one day.

Father :- My best friend. He is an educated man. He served in some political party for the society. He is well educated and more intelligent than me at this age (63). But he didn’t get a government job. So he do farming and have been able to manage things great.
Once I asked him , what can I give to you that will make you happy?
He just didn’t need anything. I asked many times but failed to get an answer. My mother replied just some sarees would do. My father after some day replied ” just serve god , love and respect everyone. We are just a medium , believe in God’s plan. God knows what is needed.”
One-day , in my childhood , I had a fight with one younger child. I had beaten that child. My father saw that and beaten me as well for the first and last time and told me
‘ never put hands on a children again ‘.
Swami premanand ji maharaj was telling someone to pranam your parents everyday. I realized that I haven’t done this since a long time.
** ****
Matri Pitri pujan diwas :- where mother and father would be offered a higher seat. Their children would give them a tilak and garland . They will go in circle just like Lord Ganesh did around his parents. After that parents will offer their Garland to their child.

I watched few videos and felt the amazing power of divine love. My tears rolled on my cheeks. One day If I get opportunity I will do it. Till then I just mentally worship them.

Maa and Baba , they are the only one who truly offers you a selfless love. In this day I just want to say ” I love you both “

Jai sri krishna
Jai Guru deva
Namo parvati pate har har mahadev