As the Navratris continue to saturate our soul in devotion and reverence for the Universal Mother, I would like to share a small message that I recently received from my father, expounding the meaning, purpose and spirit of this nine auspicious time.

01 – Prathama:  I will control my Anger.

02 – Dwitiya:   I will Stop Judging People.

03 – Tritiya: I will let go of all Grudges.

04 – Chaturthi: I will Forgive people for their mistakes.

05 – Panchami:  I will Accept every one as they are.

06 – Shashti: I will Love everyone Unconditionally.

07 – Saptami: I will Abstain from Jealousy & Guilt.

08 – Ashtami: I will Overcome my Fears.

09 – Navami: I offer Gratitude for all the things I have and all that I will get in future.

10 – Vijayadashami: There is Abundance in the universe for all and I will do my best to Share.

With this short but meaningful message I would like to wish all of you a very Happy & Enlightening Navratri. May Mother Divine bring immense joy, peace & wisdom in our lives.