Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process.   

Anne Wilson Schaef

While travelling to the Sri Badrika ashram, I was constantly thinking of reaching home (Ashram), and at the same time, I was reminding myself of one line, “Enjoy the journey.” I know it’s not easy to enjoy the journey all the time, not the whole journey, but there might be some moments we can appreciate or we can actually make our journey memorable.

 In our life, we are constantly thinking of achieving our goals and forgetting about the process. Then we call our journey a struggle.  Actually, there are no such major struggles, there are challenges. While building our careers, we meet new people and explore new places, but we keep our old tendencies.

The biggest lesson in my life I learned is acceptance. However, I learned that the hard way. Whatever is going on in our life, we need to accept it. If you think you can change some things, then you should always try to do and if there are things you cannot change, trust the universe. Things cannot be good all the time. 

For a few days, one thought  was constantly coming to my mind and that is:

“Life is a journey between our birth and death.”

That’s true. We are just playing roles then we can play in a good way. We don’t need to be good all the time and with everyone. We need to value ourselves. We need to accept ourselves. Most importantly, we need to enjoy the process. We cannot reach our destination without following a process and remember that is worth it.

We are all preparing ourselves for our own better versions, so we don’t need to rush. Take a break, have a hot cup of tea and restart the process. 

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om