Don’t we get excited whenever something new comes into our life? We humans get easily bored with the same old things. Some people just get attached to their things that they just cannot live without them and there are some people who just cannot tolerate one thing (or the same thing) for a long time.

Whenever I change my phone cover, my phone looks new and that makes me very happy but after some days there is no joy which I had at the time when I purchased that cover. This is a very small and common example. But this happens. We cannot hold things for a long time but we hold our past emotions for our whole life. We never get bored with them. We enjoy some beautiful memories and we feel bad because of some negative memories. If we have 30 negative memories and 70 positive memories, we will ignore those 70 positive memories and will always think about those 30 negative memories. This is how our human brain works at times.

I don’t know how we can work on that but what I want to say is – Just try to shift our attention from 30 to 70.  There is no point in holding on to negativity. I  remember a beautiful line that I read in the book “The Rule Breakers” by Preeti Shenoy and that is “Clutter is negative energy. We hold on to it, and it is bad because it does not allow new things to come into our lives”. That is so true. If we will not let go of our past, we cannot invite the new present. I know we have gotten hurt and our past has certain painful imprints on our mind but for how long we will take that with us?

Newness brings excitement, the feeling of happiness and so many emotions at the same time. I wonder why we cannot practice newness in our emotions and practical life. We just have to be mindful but it’s not easy and yes if anybody really wants to do that wholeheartedly then no one can stop that person.

I read somewhere, “Every moment brings a new beginning.” Try newness. Allow new people, allow new emotions, and more importantly just welcome life.

Let’s give life a chance.

Thank you,

Keep Smiling,

Riya Om


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