This Poornima, I was gazing at the fullness of the moon. It appeared so lustrous and bright that I could not take my eyes off the moon. 

As I was admiring beauty of the moon, suddenly a thought entered my mind that actually this moon has borrowed light from the Sun. And then suddenly,adoration for the divine goddess entered my heart, having realized at that moment that everything beautiful, lustrous, and admiring indeed is a borrowed reflection of the divine goddess herself. 

In that moment, The divine graced me with words to do her stuti. I am sharing that stuti with you all. I hope you will enjoy the stuti as much as I did.

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Tum ho Bhavaani

Chandra bhi tum ho bhavaani,

You alone exists in the lustre of moon,

Arka bhi tum ho bhavaani;

You alone exists in the brightness of Sun,

Prana jo bramhaanda ko,

The vital force of the Universe,

Jeevant kar tum ho bhavaani.

You enlivens everything O’ Bhavaani!


Jai Jai Tripurasundari,

Glories to the Goddess of three realms,

Jai RadheKrishna Rupini;

Glories to your form as RadheKrishna!


Mantra bhi tum ho shivaani,

You alone exists as the power of mantra,

Yantra bhi tum ho shivaani;

You alone exists as the power of yantra,

Dhyaan mein jo dhyaan ho,

The awareness that one experience in deep silence,

Woh araadhya ho, tum hi shivaani;

You alone are that Divine! O’Shivaani!


Jai Jai Jai Mahalaxmi,

Glories to the Goddess of fortune,

Jai SitaRama Rupini;

Glories to your form as SitaRama!


Deha bhi tum ho ishaani,

You alone exists as microcosm,

Vishva bhi tum ho ishaani;

You alone exists as macrocosm,

Panchabhuton mein mahat,

You alone exists in all the five elements,

Jo tattva hai,tum hi ishaani;

As supreme intelligence, O’ Ishaani!

Jai Jai Lalita-ambike,

Glories to the charming Goddess who plays spontaneously,

Jai UmaShankar Rupini;

Glories to your form as UmaShankar!


Offered at the lotus feet of Swamiji🌼🙏🌼🙏🌼