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As my body started recovering, my life also started coming on its normal track. My father came back to live with us permanently. And with his decision begins the whole new level of struggle. My parents started planning to make a School in the village where my grandparents had sufficient land, but they had no money for it and asking from their families was not in their planning list. So they started their careers from scratch, my father worked as an Ayurveda practitioner, while my mother taught at different schools in the city. They both started finding places for rent as we have already lived at our nani house for more than 5-6 years and although my widow nani already had a huge family, she had no objection in providing us the shelter, but my parents wanted to get everything on their own now. 

I still remember the first two houses that we lived in on rent, but for me to live far away from nani house was not less than a punishment, although they were just 5 mins away. I have hazy memories of my parents scolding me and forcing me to go back to home with them and me crying out loud to seek attention from all the members of nani house, so they might stop me and let me stay with them longer than a weekend. 

In 2007 my parents opened the school finally. They would sit free for long hours waiting for parents to get their children admitted to their school. With every new child admitted in their school, they would bring a box of sweets and with  eyes full of satisfaction, that comes as the by-product of hours long sweat. 

Although my parents proved to be good business partners but as life partners they were a failure. All the fairy tale endings of a family living together happily ever after never changed into a reality for little me, who yearned for her father whenever I saw other children’s fathers picking them from school. All the love that I have got from nani house started getting replaced by fear. The fear of my father. He mistreated mumma by using abusive words, which me and my sister never understood but could sense the tone of his uncontrolled anger. Sometimes he would start ill treating her on the road only and the embarrassment and fear that I felt was huge. I can’t even afford to imagine what my mother went through. My innocent mind would think that my father would kill my mumma, I wish no child in the world had to ever go through this feeling. 

My mother would always stop us from telling anything about their fights to anyone at nani house. Like every other Indian aurat she was also trying to preserve her children’s futures. She was compromising her dignity and self respect for us.

But to all the ladies out there I want to just give my opinion here that keeping quiet doesn’t make things better rather it gives the already patriarchal society the advantage of mistreating you at their wish and will. Rest, choice is yours, it’s your life after all.  

But if life has sorrows, fears, darkness, gloominess, then it also has love, positivity,  laughter and divinity around us in order to keep a balance and also giving you the choice to either choose happiness or darkness. I chose happiness or I would say miss happiness found its way to make my little heart cheer up through many channels. How? Will tell in the next part…till then lots of love and laughter…take care😇😇💜💜🙏🙏

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