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One advantage that we had to have our home near the nani house was, along with my cousins( uncle’s kids) with whom we shared the same school van, me and my sister would also go to nani house after the school  where we ate, rested, and then study at the tuition which was run, none other than by my two very intelligent masis. In the late evening we would go back to our home with mamma and papa who also joined us at nani house after they came back from their school.

It has remained my years-long ritual to stay at nani house every weekend. Thus my love for everyone and their love for me remained the same. 

Besides the love and warmth of the nani house, something that pulled me there was the presence of  my masi, Jasmeet, I call her Jasumati though( the name found in the comment section,  although she doesn’t like to be revealed). I missed the atmosphere and vibes that reverberated on…all I knew was the connection that I shared with her, I would feel positive and happy in her presence. 

In 2007, my masi went to the annual shivir that was and still held( except during Corona) annually in December at the beautiful city of Rishikesh, situated on the banks of Mother Ganga. When she returned back she bought something for everyone. For me, she bought Laddu Gopal clothes and jewelry. I didn’t know at that time that Laddu Gopal was Lord Krishna’s small avatar. So she gifted me his bronze murti ( idol) that was already present at nani house. 

This little cute Laddu Gopal became my best friend. I would sleep with him, play with him, talk with him, eat with him and also bath with him. In winters I would place him inside my blanket so that he couldn’t catch cold and in summers right under the fan. My mumma would compare me with Saint Meerabai. So here I just want to clear( or maybe wants to vent out my frustration when people say you re Meerabai) that yes my name is Meera and I find lord Krishna the most lovable and adorable bhagwan out of all deities but that’s the case with other maybe two million Indians or even non Indians also. My name doesn’t change the game, at that time I didn’t know much but now if someone would compare me to one of the most revered lady saints of the world,  I would just say that then you might not know about her divinity and worth. I am not even equivalent to the dust particle of her lotus feet.  I told this because this is one of those things that I find irritating although I shouldn’t feel that way. Because after all it’s just a name and I wouldn’t become Iike her just by calling( although I wish to become like her someday😉). 

Okay, now after a long digression, I think I should leave my obsession with the names in the above  paragraph only. Gradually, my masi thought why not take her to Garden green, the name of a meditation center where all the devotees who followed a lady Saint, Anandmurti Gurumaa, whom my masi followed, also her former Guru, gathered as a community every Sunday. As I already used to stay at nani house every Saturday, now my stay became more exciting. I would wake up with masi, got ready and then we had a permanent rickshaw wala uncle hired to drive us to the center and drop us back home. I enjoyed every moment of that 15 minutes journey with my masi, chattering and making memories. When we reached there, all the elders would close their eyes for a good 40 to 60 mins of guided meditation with the help of audio playing in the background. I tried to copy them but I failed every time. Thus I opened my eyes after 10 or 15 mins, and for the rest of the time,  I would observe people making different faces, some sitting still like a mountain and others shifting their bodies as if they were traveling in a train. Some laughed and some cried, it was full of amusement for me. And sometimes 40 mins would become like 40 hours for me, I would keep on watching the digital clock hanging on the side wall. 

I think my masi knew how I spent my time there, so in order to not let my interest lose and to make my mind get hungry, she tried a very interesting method on me. She made me stitch a frock style white suit( white because it was the uniform there) with ghungroo lace all around its frock’s circumference.  That method worked like a magic, because I loved styling and it ofcourse catched everyone’s attention there,which I already loved because of excessive pampering disorder. But this magic would fade away as soon as everyone would close their eyes, again my boredom would begin. But one day it was all different.  It was Navratri Pooja day and that day it was announced that, ” Today there will be no meditation, but only Sankirtan, so everyone just close your eyes and clap, sing and dance in the glory of the lord.” I became really excited as I loved dance and singing. Would this will be an interesting session or the same boredom will surround me…will turn up to this soon…lots of love🤗🤗❤❤🙏🙏🙏