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We are certain still and quiet untill no one disturb us.
But what happens to us if we fall down and never rejuvenate.

Have you ever wonder about the season of mangoes which are delightful sometimes greenary sometimes a bucket full of golds.
But have you observed this season that how and through what mangoes go through and then come to our plate so we can enjoy it.
How would you feel if you born in air but you can’t touch the sky nor the land even then also when gravity is pulling you off.
You can’t fall down this same happens with mangoes that someone is even giving its all effort to make you down but you don’t get off.
How weird it is to even think like that and then particularly in this season we find more stroms and powerful winds, which makes it tough for them to grow and then many of them give up and fall down some may be matured some at the state of maturity and some at their beginning stage.
And rest ripe with lots of efforts and to become the fully grown up.
Don’t you think this shows the complete human’s life cycle or this is the cycle nature have to follow so the only courageous one can get the opportunity of being the future.
Not only that lots of things we found here that a unripe one who think he have seen everything can never touch the end ,the very younger one who think i can’t do anymore can also survive with little bit of courage and the partially mature one can never ever reach at its fullest.
We are the like same mango tree’s mango who go further only if it have true willing and purity only then it can be the fruitful tree of fruitful gene.

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