During Mid 2018 ,a thought cracked up my mind during night after hectic day in office .

What u have you done to overcome the underachiever tag in your life? My inner-self replied, I didn’t tried whole heartedly to remove it.

So, i decided to quit my job and prepare to fight it out , appeared in UPSC Engineering services 2020 but failed at Prelims level , failed in Mains Examination of Bihar and Rajasthan State engineering Examination, failed in Uttar Pradesh state engineering Examination ( 2019-2021) the whole timeline of events

Though got a Job as Junior Engineer In Military Engineering Services but today again while writing this post

A question strikes my mind

Have i achieved what i intended to achieve? To remove the tag? Does my destiny want me to be underachiever? Or did i mistaken my dream? Or did i wrongly analyzed myself?

They say luck favour the hardwork? But is my hardwork not the fortunate one to be blessed by luck?

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