Yesterday was International Women’s day and I felt that it would be incomplete if I didn’t write a post this year. 

Although we celebrate women, I think I’ll gift this piece of writing to humanity. It will be a guide towards understanding women. There is a gap in knowledge there, right? Jokes aside, this post is for fun and isn’t meant to offend anyone. Most of the content is based on my own experience and my own behaviour. If you take it lightly, it will fly by and sit well with you. 

Women are hard to understand. Very hard in fact. So hard, that we even struggle to understand ourselves most of the time. I have compiled a few tips for you, if you have a woman in your life, whether it’s your wife, sister, mother, girlfriend, or friend. Or if you are a woman yourself, you may enjoy the post even more.

Here goes:

1.  Let’s say that you’ve just had an argument with her and she said; “Yeah, I am okay.”  but then goes silent.

Oh boy! Oh boy! You better be worried. She isn’t fine. Absolutely not. Do something to make up to her as soon as possible or admit your mistake. I warned ya!;) 

Very often, silence is not a good thing, when it comes to girls.


2. When she is sharing her feelings, issues or emotions, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, try to come up with a practical solution immediately. She is probably not looking for one! Nothing will annoy her more than hearing practical solutions.

She just wants to share and is expecting empathy. The best you can do there is agree with her, like a gentleman (or a lady, if you are also a woman).


3. You may know this already, it’s a common one. If she asks you whether she gained weight, do NOT say yes. And do NOT keep quiet. Be careful with your words, your life is at stake. Just kidding;) 

What should you do then? I’ll leave that to you, I don’t want to be involved in crime;)


4. If she is feeling jealous about another girl or woman, pick your side carefully! She is the priority here. Anything you say must be in her favour, especially if you care about having a roof over your head tonight;) 


5. And most importantly: Women cannot be understood. The above suggestions can become invalid within minutes. Any day, any month, any second! And do you know what’s even better? It’s unpredictable.


All in all, women have the luxury of being as fierce, as gentle or as loving as they wish, whenever they wish. They are glorious and that’s the beauty of women!

I hope you smiled a little and enjoyed the read.

Happy Women’s day to every beautiful woman out there:)