As I was chopping some vegetables earlier, something dawned upon me. I realised that fruits or vegetables can remain fresh for quite a while when attached to a tree. Yet once plucked, the freshness diminishes rapidly. Yes yes, I know, this is something we learn in childhood. Alright, maybe I am a little slow! 

Jokes aside though, taking the example of a pepper, it is evident that something is infusing life and freshness into the pepper and the tree is a fundamental instrument here. And some could even say that the tree is the source. Yet there is perhaps a higher source.

Whether the red pepper believes it or not, the fact is that it isn’t sustaining itself independently. There is a source which sustains it and keeps it fresh. Then as humans, although it is easy to believe that we are the doer, there is a life in us which we have little control over. Without this universal life force in us, which breathes for us, I doubt we would even exist. Whether we call it science or evolution, it is immaterial.

Besides, does it matter what we believe? When we try to argue whether there is higher power or not, and passionately debate it, I feel it is just noise. Why? Here is a visual for you.

Think of that red pepper on a tree, arguing with another not-so-red pepper next to it (both super cute and small). They are passionately debating whether the tree exists and whether they are being sustained by some higher source or not. The redder one is getting even redder out of anger as the argument progresses. No one wins and both remain red…

Meanwhile, the tree and Nature are simply doing their job, smiling away at this cute argument, because does it really matter what the peppers are fuming about? (pun intended)

I’ll leave you with this visual which I find very funny;) And I bet you may not see peppers the same way ever again. On this note, I am off to cook these peppers!

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