A human being is a part of whole called by us “Universe ” Albert Einstein

Everyone has their own universe. Some have their family as their universe, and some consider the whole of the creation their universe.

Well, which one is you? Let’s check out what an average householder has.

My son

My daughter

My mom

My dad

My spouse

My home

My car

My property

My bank balance

My .. my… My

What about a realized monk would say

Our surroundings

Our people

Our … .

A RANDOM individual is always worried about their materialistic possession, but a realised soul is one considered all the same.

Why is it so we all know about this, and still, we are stuck in this vicious circle?

Why is it so we know that we can’t take anything with us that we are always worried about our materialistic possessions?

We know that it is impossible to be fit and healthy throughout life. But still, we keep pushing ourselves to our limits. We keep collecting all the materialistic things only to leave them back for others to enjoy. It reminds me of a quote,” JOD JOD JOD KHAYEGA KOI AUR”.

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