Hi everyone, 

Hope all of you are fine and doing well with your beautiful life. Mobile Phones become essential part of our today’s life. We use it around every corner of our life like crazy for something  to eat,  order on zomato, swiggy etc., Or  wish to go somewhere just book cabs, taxis, hotels, flights everything from it, just with one click. Pay your monthly bills, annual instalments or buy àny grocery, luxuries any thing we wish. For everything in our life we need our mobile phones and apps. A big thanks to the digital revolution. We feel like Genie  in our pocket. 

As new technology always  bring some destructiveness along with it, Similarly due to our ignorance sometimes we use it for some distructive purpose. Like excessive use of social media makes us more envious and away from our original world. We became  targets of artificial and deaf world.  Children are away from physical exercise and some sort of trauma and depression comes along the way.

There was the time when i was also sick to the social media and use it with full loads. I was even ignorant about how the precious time was wasted. So after realising the value of time I started to utilise my time effectively. 

Here are some of the apps which i found effective to make our life more productive.

Focus to do app

This is the app which mostly focus on to do work with promodoro Technique. This is the very efficient way to focus on your work. It works on the theme to take a break of 5 minutes after each of your working session of 25 Minutes. In this way just give the mind to take rest and charge again with more powers.

Black Lotus App

I think no need of any introduction of this app. But still for the some new users  i wish to say something about this magical transformative app. If you are Meditation lover and also seek to do something kind to make the world more kinder and also you are in the quest of spiritual realisation. This best app is in your hands. Till now i have more than 700 days streak with this app with approx 600 hours of meditation with it. This persistency is the fruitful results of this app.

Daily Mood tracker 

If you are interested to be more mindful about your each passing emotions this one is the best app for you. I think to control your emotions is the best way to note it down when it emerges. Every time you make a habit of note it down it will going to make an immense positive change in your life.


The one of beautiful app with millions of motivational video on each and every part of our life from the world’s most renowned speakers.


Any questions in mind about anything how to do effectively. Every answers are in in just tap of button over here. The amazing app to build your knowledge. Go and try it out.

Hope you will find the above article interesting and it will help to use your timing and Gadgets more productively amd perfectly.