Here’s a poem on a bunch random things going on in my (not so) normal head.


We assume a particular set of
human abilities to be normal.
In this way, we construct abnormalities.
Every day, we fail to notice the whole picture.
And that’s how we create walls.
(mostly unintentionally).
Amidst are variety of obstacles
All of us experience them.
Our environment is a range of opportunities
Let us cherish them.
We can choose to design around them.
We should challenge everything
We know and facilitate inclusiveness.
If we create the world with open eyes,
we can make it better.
By addressing the needs of the other
we address our needs.
If we make, build and represent
looking at those in the minority
or the most oppressed individuals,
we will be able to do it right.
The thing that makes us all the same
is that we are all different.

We are all able and unable.
We are all Variable.