//when I was a very small kid often I slept with my grand mother on mid evening. My mother prepare dinner for all at that time . I always asked my grand mother ( in odiya we call budhi maa, Budhi means old. and Maa you know mother) tell me a story. she always said to me I know two types of story. one is she heared from any one else or that stories are fictitious. Another one is the story of her life which are not biased. which one you want to hear. On early I heard both but I like the first one because these stories’ protagonist are prince and princes, King and queen some wild animal like lion who is king of the forest , tiger , my grand mother called the tiger as bagha mamu. and wolf . but in her life’s story she was the protagonist or my grand father or her children. I did not like at that time because these stories has no romance , no villain, no comedy and also no tragedy. But one thing was might be there. which I ignored in her life’s experience( Jeevan dukha ki sagar hai). She knew that, but one things she did not knew how to overcome on that.

Then time spent like sand on fist. I put my foot on teen age . I came to know about happiness. Watchin movie in TV, Watch Serial , reality show, wear new dress, be smart . I was very poor in academic. Then I move to intermediate college , where I do little good academic. but same sensual pleasure was priority. Then watch porn in hostel. do gossip, I did not have a good habit even more egoistic . I am sharing very interesting phase on my life. when I completed my intermediate. I shift one stream to another. That need a little more study to capture the entire study. I did little hard work. My tuition time was on morning 6 ‘O’ clock and I had to go 3 kilometers with my bicycle for tuition. every day as usual my routine I go to tuition. I never took a leave. because I had to cover my course. I was very good in Macro economic. I loved this subject. One day when I was preparing my bicycle for riding for morning tuition, I saw a beautiful girl crossed me infront of my hostel. This scenario happened every day. One or two months later I came to know her name. One thing was common that every time she looks behind. Some times I use my bicycle bell to know whether she looks behind or not. There was not a single time she does not look behind. I fall in her love but difficult to say. one day I was nervous but took stand that I will talk with her. she was little ahead of me. I tried to speed my bicycle to come with her side. I called her name , she slowed her cycle. Then I told her that you are surprised, how did I knew your name. She did not answered but smiled. I took few minutes to say few sentence to her. On that time we reached our destination to divided separate way for our tuition. On that day I felt that, this is happiness.

But due to God grace That relationship never took place. some how I focused my study not full effort but average. I completed my Graduation on B.com. went to Hyderabad for pursuing MBA. I hope this little journey will take two or three more post. I don’t want to bore you on this post. will write when I meet my Guru. about my suffering, my guru’s advise. how much it Impact me in how much year. How a good habit start take place( reading book).

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