I offer my obeisance to you Rev.Sri.Sri.Om Swamiji🙏🏻🕉Wishing you good health, love and peace abundant 🙏🏻🍀


They say Nature  comes in its  own unique brilliance, shapes and sizes, magnificence  and an essence of freshness and always remain our best friend. It holds a surprise bouquet of love for all of us each day. Mine was a Violet one handed today. 

It was a meeting with a blooming smiling Violet  Lavender spread,  that calmly and very graciously had chosen  its permanent seat just outside of the  pavement of a sweet little cozy house which comprised of a tiny warm porch area with stoop of few steps adding support . There was a sweet vibe to that  place.

So many times while passing through that cute house the whiff of the bright Violet flowers would just make me pause there for few minutes and after I was done filling myself with it’s essence, I then would move ahead. Being into aroma therapy for years and using essential oils for ages,  at times I did get tempted to feel the flowers with my hands one time  and plucked out few seeds from it and rubbed them into my palms. Just heavenly the feel was. As far as my sight could take me I had not seen anyone grow these beautiful Violet lavender flowers in such a special way in the surroundings. 

Whilst on my way back as I went past these  lavender bushes, I could see the lady owner of that place busy uprooting the weeds from her driveway. She was sitting on the bare cemented ground and slowly and meticulously plucking the weeds with a weed cutter tool. I stood there observing her, and suddenly she looked at me and smiled.

“ Hi, how you doing?” I smiled back and greeted her.

“Not too bad, I have recovered fully and can walk properly now . Hope you remember, a few months back I had a huge plaster on my leg,  you had stopped by and comforted me and wished me a speedy recovery” she made me recollect the past moment.

“Oh yes, I do remember now! I am so glad you are perfectly fine ”. I immediately recollected the day . It was in the month of January , freezing ice cold and as usual when I went past this house I stood there watching this lady  having a hard time limping and climbing up the steps to her porch . Almost in her 70’s I felt I would offer her some support and politely asked her if she needed help , since we were  maintaining social distance. She thanked me for being so considerate and was very moved by my gesture.  I prayed and wished her speedy recovery and appreciated her strength. We greeted each other and parted.

I was surprised that she could still remember me for that small incident.

We finally got easy  talking a bit more this time and came to know that she had lost her husband last year.

“ So how are you managing” I asked her out of concern.

“ My kids come to visit me during weekends and sometimes I go and join them for few days. I have been in this house for past 35 years now. I don’t want to leave my house and go anywhere. It has all the memories of the times spent with my husband” she expressed whilst feeling the warmth of the  pavement with her hands and then started to clear the weeds .

“ How do you feel uprooting these weeds, you do seem to enjoy doing it, I noticed” I asked her . 

“Aah!  you know this is a special weed cutter my daughter gifted to me on my birthday as my kids know how I love to pluck out the weeds” Like a little child she showed me the weed cutter tool. It really did look interesting .

“I have been doing it for years, and just enjoy doing it thoroughly” she added further .

“Does it gratify you?” I asked.

“Oh yes it does undoubtedly, and it feels therapeutic too. It’s like something in me I am letting go and shedding  all that is not required” she truly sounded like one evolved soul.

I sat down  on the pavement with her and she got a  little surprised.( It’s very rare I have done that, but her simplicity just caught my heart magically!) 

“ Let me enjoy bit of this rustic moment with you, the way you are spending and enjoying it. It’s  interesting talking to you”I said making myself comfortable.

“ Tell me a bit about your childhood!” I asked her and she narrated few interesting incidents of the memories when she was a kid. All this while she kept using her weed cutter tool , softly plucking the weeds, treating and feeling the moist soil with her frail fingers and refilling the gaps . She was simply in love with the soil.

After few minutes of this fulfilling chat I got up to proceed with my walk.

“ You are amazingly calm and brave and I wish you the best of health. Was nice meeting you again. Shall  catch up  soon, and one fine day with your permission I shall take with me a few bunch of these Violet flowers” and I excused myself to go ahead for my walk.

“ Hey please wait, and she quickly went inside her house , got a pair of scissors and handed it to me. Please take as much as you want. You don’t have to take my permission , even if I am not there feel free to take it. This is what my heartfelt desire is that these Violet flowers are able to spread their love on all”   she was way too generous in her attitude.

That truly touched and surprised me!

“ I really loved talking to you please do visit often” she was a bit emotional.

“ Oh yes, certainly I would !  I smiled at her. But let me make a special mention of the lavender  bushes you have grown. They are simply beautiful and each time I pass by from here,  these Violet flowers greet  me with their essence and I always take a pause ,  feel them each time and then  go ahead. They  are magical!”  I expressed my feelings to her.

“I have been taking care of it for years. They have nourished me well and their beautiful aroma spreads all around in the surroundings of my space.  Mornings and evenings I let the doors and windows open and allow its  freshness fill my house . The Violet colour makes me come alive and reminds me that  my life holds in it a beautiful meaning “ she seemed to be just flowing like a soft breeze herself as she opened her heart out .

“You do seem to live life through the eyes of nature isn’t it!  It was such  a pleasure speaking to you” I placed my hand on my heart as a warm gesture.

“Oh the pleasure was all mine, thank you for your time my friend“ she smiled.

“Siddhika , you can call me by my name! And what’s your name ?“ I asked .

Violet!” there was a big smile on her face while she uttered her name.

I looked at her and then at  the Violet flowers…. how beautifully and in utmost calm she had woven  her identity with Mother Nature for years. 

She understood the expression on my face “ We both ( Violet) are inseparable , I am alive all these years because of these Violet flowers.

Violet’s Sweet Home ❤️

The beautiful Violet lavender flowers  nourished by dear “VIOLET”

The sweet weed removal tool, Violet’s best friend.

Nature and love are  never born with an expiry date…. “We truly have to weave ourself with Nature to understand our very own micro existence leading to the macro vastness for only Nature can heal , fulfil us with our own peace and worth !”

I carried a bouquet of Violet flowers back home full of blissful richness .  “Thank you dear Violet!” 🙏🕊

Wishing good health, smiles and peace to all my OS family🙏

Hari Om🙏🕉

Siddhika Umesh

Both the pics of dear Violet’s house. Divine Bless her abundantly 🍃