1. According to Wikipedia the term Satsang literally means ‘gathering together for the truth’ or ‘simply being in the company of truth’.

SO,What is the truth?

If I have to define this term then according to me-a state where there is no confusion,a state of peace,a state of tranquility is the truth or as said ‘Satya hi Dharma hai aur Dharma hi Satya hai'(Truth is Dharma and Dharma itself is the truth).

So,the next question is – Truth of Whom?

What would be the truth of anyone’s body?So if we have to divide body tentatively then one aspect is physical aspect and other aspect would be mental aspect.

What is the truth of physical aspect of body?Well you don’t have to bother much because every cell has its own truth.Every cell knew its Dharma.Every cell knew its functions without a single iota of confusion.In this case we just have to maintain that environment so that cells can perform their Dharma properly or if we put it that way…they will always perform their Dharma ,they are established on their own truth but we want cells to perform their Dharma in a way so that we can survive.For e.g. Every cell has some memory stored within it.It will perform tasks accordingly.In any case,if some Vikaras happened then cells will start performing in that direction.They are just doing their duty with no confusion.But in this particular case due to the action of that particular cell,may be our body couldn’t survive.So,briefly,each and every cell has its own truth and they are performing accordingly,we just have to maintain that environment so that their truth doesn’t affect our physical body so we have to do some exercises,we have to pay attention towards our eating habits and many more.

What would be the truth of our mental aspect of body? It’s very simple-to maintain the state of tranquility is the truth of our mental body.

Now look again the definition of Satsang-gathering together for the truth.

If we divide the outer world tentatively in two entities-one is body i.e.human being and another one is society.As our beloved Swamiji said-‘hum samaj me rahte hai aur samaj humme rahta hai'(We live in society and society live within us).

From that point we can divide the Practice of Satsang in two parts-

1.Satsanga with Society (collection of balls) and one human being considered as one ball-

Go back to the definition i.e. ‘gathering together for the truth’.Here we gathered so that we can find or be motivated to find the truth of society.

And what is the truth of a society? Or what is the Dharma of society? We can divide it further into economic, political, religious,spritual and many more angles.So we basically gathered to develop a state or a process where there is no confusion,which is a state of tranquility, peace.

Can we term making of Indian Constitution by Constituent Assembly as Satsanga?.. Obviously… Because they were in a quest of searching those ideals which are necessary or pre-requisites to establish a state of tranquility;a state of no confusion in the society.

Now think…Does Indian Parliament really do Satsang now-a-days?and what if they acquire this practice for real?

So,with this I move on our next point…What really are pre-requisites for practicing Satsanga?

a)We should be open to hear from others.

b)We must have inculcate the Art of Acceptance in ourselves.

c) Courage and burning desire to bring a change.

Even,to be able to have those pre-requisites first of all we have to do second type of Satsang.

2.Satsang with ourself (collection of balls) and one emotion being one ball-

If I personified love,lust, anger, attachment, jealousy, compassion etc then if you look closely, there is a society inside us.And here we are again gathered for truth.

What is the truth of jealousy?Why does it arrives!From where it arrived?What is its Dharma?Is it relevant?Is it really a bad thing?(I have my answers but that’s my truth.As our beloved Swamiji said you have to find yours)

Why is the mind  so restless?What is the natural state of mind?- Where there exists no confusion;a state of peace.And how can we attain this truth of mind? AND ONCE WE KNOW THE TRUTH OF MAN,BUDDHI,CHITTA,AHANKAR THROUGH SATSANG THEN WE CAN RISE ABOVE ALL.

And how to do this?Simple, by following those pre-requisites which we discussed earlier.

a)We should be open to hear from others(In this case we should have a courage to hear from our so called negative emotions like lust,anger, jealousy..we don’t have to ignore it).

b) Acceptance (After understanding nature of emotions we must have the courage to accept them and use accordingly…like yes there is a sexual desire after looking at any woman but if we contemplate then the same woman also have mother element in her. If we focus on that element then we can channelise our lust into love,if that is what we are looking for)

c) Courage and a burning desire to change-We have to start from somewhere and courage is the most important factor in it.

More Things To Add

Neither society nor we exists as one unit alone or in seperation.Both exit together.So by doing ‘Satsanga with society’ we can come to ‘The Satsanga with ourselves’ and vice-versa.All we need is to follow those pre-requisites.And if you met a person who Himself is nothing but truth like our beloved Swamiji then everything is Satsanga.



P.S.’Satya hi Dharm hai aur Dharma hi Satya hai.’My younger cousin (8th std) exactly quoted this line on a phone call to me(though he has no idea about its essence but it is nice to hear it from him)








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