Continued from  Part 2

Today we will start with a beautiful poem by Dr .Vir Singh ji…

Homage to your Magical Wonders

   ( Sadke Teri Jadugari De)

In me,deep inside,deep inside somewhere

Hides my beloved !


You strike me with your melodious tunes,


My inner strings.

They sing songs

-Songs of parting,songs of meeting with you….

Casting their magic spell on me.

I frantically look around

Trembling, quivering.


Sleep,yes,you usurp my sleep.

Awake,yes, you keep me quivering-

Like a golden thread dangling

From the border of a bride’s scarf.


Oh Beloved !

Behind sight hidden beloved !

Very near but far,farther still,

Far far away, but near, very near,

Homage to your Magical Wonders !

Voice………………..silence !!

Yes,my trembling voice,be quite.

Friends !

Here language comes to a stop….

Diwan (courtier) of the king entered the room where the Priest and Sehju were sitting with their gloomy faces.He inquired in an astonished voice

Diwan: Oh Lord!! What untoward event has creeped to Sehju ji.I have to see Sehju ji sad for the first time in my life.

Sehju: What should I tell you O Diwan ?

I came here at the door of Pandit ji to find some moments of peace,but he himself is drowning in the ocean of doubts and has pulled me into the same.Now we are jobless, because our king is busy in mourning for the separation from his unseen beloved.

Diwan : Alas! but that’s true Sehju ji.

Priest : I am so surprised that how come an illiterate trader who was neither a priest nor a philosopher misappropriately made our king follow the path of someone who is never seen or heard of. I tried to convince everyone enough to let me have a talk on religion with that trader ! but no one heard me.I really don’t know what on earth I will do now for my shelter with these old bones 

Diwan : Pandit ji ! Don’t worry so much for your old bones. We must be concerned for the duty that we are assigned with by our reverend king. It’s none of our business who the king follows and how.

Priest : Yes! true ! because you are the respected courtier, my dear Diwan ji,you will always be called on a duty whenever king needs any piece of advice but my work is over for when the king belongs to the other religion now,what will I be called for ?

Diwan : So what should we do now ?

Priest : We must all make efforts to bring back our naive king from an unfathomable path.Do you know what is the name of the Isht (God ) that the king worships and longs for ?

Diwan : I have heard from the people that the king keeps murmuring only one name ….


Priest : ohhkay ! So let’s start criticising Nanak ,let us roast him and make sure that the king gets to smell the smoke of this fire of rumors that will soon be spread to the whole land of Sangladeep.

Sehju : Oh ! Respected Pandit ji,your baseles strategies will get you nowhere .

Neither you have seen Nanak, nor I , neither we know his worth nor his flaws , neither we ever stayed close to him , nor got the chance to examine him. How come we disrespect him ? You want us to just criticize him for mere lies ?

Priest : It’s a policy, right Diwan ji ?

Diwan : But policy and lying are not synonyms.

Sehju : Pandit ji lie remains a lie, even if you disguise it as policy.

Priest : Lies are as pure as truths ,if it is used for the propagation of one’s religion.

Sehju : If religion is to be propagated through immortality ,I think it will turn into a sin . Religion is the path of righteousness and truth, while deceit is a sin.Do you really think darkness can bring light ?

Priest : Oh innocent numbskull ! Why don’t you understand that in order to reach a goal, you have to use the policy of saam, daam, dandh,bhed if required.

Sehju : I am ignorant but yet I understand that this policy can be used in fulfilling the objectives of a throne but to propagate a religion through malice,lies, deceit is not a path of morality.

Priest : I affirm to the mortality you are talking about but who cares if the king turns righteous or not.All I want is that he keeps attached to our creed.I made him study religion and theology,now if he leaves his creed,the clever kings belonging to the other sects will be happier than ever and may disturb our kingdom.

Sehju : Bravo! Pandit ji,the designation of a minister suits you better, I feel Pandit ji,you might not be aware,but I don’t belong to your Brahamana sect.My religion is Buddhism.My religion might not be as superior as yours but we keep the courage of differentiating between the path of truth and immortality.

If you think your religion  carries some strength of bringing back the lost king to his track then use that strength , otherwise I think you should too bow down to the man who inspite of king’s mastery on his religion,drew him towards love, the ultimate end of all religions.

Priest : I will never bow to that sinful and cunning devil who used his witchcraft to deceit our innocent king. I think I have to send a man to kashi ,so that he can bring the order from the priests of higher authority for the king to renounce his religion or to leave the path of Nanak…!

To be continued…