When king heard the  news, he expressed his sadness to the queen,” Chandarkala! It’s too bad to know that my love is being  used by the fraudulents. I have to protect myself  against them.I am more sad to know that earlier when my heart was sore in the love of  Guru Nanak. It was filled up with purity and innocence but now it is replaced with doubts.Now I will  test and only then I’ll  bow.I  know it will be sacrilege of my Guru but that’s the only way left to me,I don’t know whether Guru Nanak would tolerate such behaviour of mine or not?

Queen: It’s  true that you are being used by the  fraudulents but at the same time  you are completely  wrong  at making the judgement of how Nanak  will treat you. He is a true Guru, epitome of love,he will  forgive us and wash away all your doubts with  his compassion, so I don’t  think  you  need to worry about  that!

Sehju entered and greeted the  king.

King: Come Sehju ji ! nice to see you after a long time. 

Sehju: I’m  too delighted to  meet you, O king !

but I am in despair since I have got the news of the fraudulent Saint that came in the disguise of Guru Nanak. These fraudulents have already  looted the holy land of India and now our small island country is too getting mushroomed with such deceivers. I think he should get very strict and stringent punishment. 

King: Sehju ji,according to me,the most suitable punishment I can give him is,”forgiveness “.

Sehju: Indeed! Your forgiveness reflects your greatness but what example would  this give to other hundreds of saints who are ready to  ruin your kingdom through their clever tactics. How come will you recognize the true Guru Nanak then ?

King: My beloved  is arriving with the arrow of love. I needn’t to forge him. He himself will burn all the doubts, ignorance and falsehood with his sun like aura. What you all need to do is to prepare strict security, whoever  comes and names himself as Guru Nanak, take the hardest  tests you can take out of him,notice his characteristics and look for what he demands.If doesn’t turn out to be the true Guru, just let him go and don’t punish. Is it clear what I am saying Sehju ji? because one who doesn’t practice “yam niyam” how come  he can be  called a yogi.

Sehju: Your wish is my wish,O king, I will take care of what you demand. 

To be continued……