Want to be initiated by Om Swamiji?

If you have an intense desire to be initiated by Swamiji then I will suggest downloading Sadhana App and start chanting and praying in the Sun Temple (Amravati). Such a difficult problem has an easy-peasy solution!

A couple of months back, a young guy asked me, “I wish to be successful in materialistic as well as in the spiritual world. What should I do?” I suggested that he chant Siddha Surya Mantra in Surya Temple (Amravati) in Sadhana App. I further suggested to him to do the Sadhana of the same mantra in Sadhana App. He did as per my advice.

Two miracles happened within a week or so in his life.

One, he got the job although he was still studying. His materialistic want was achieved.

Second, he had a keen desire for Swamiji to say something about him. To which I amusingly replied He had not said anything about me till date. Even then he kept his burning desire alive. The young guy chanted the mantra and prayed fervently. And one auspicious day, the young man received a reply to his mail from Om Swamiji. His spiritual desire was fulfilled.

For all those who wish to be successful in materialistic and spiritual path, I will suggest you start chanting Siddha Surya Mantra in Sadhana App without delay. The mantra is ‘Om hreeng ashva- tejasya adhovani svahaa’ which means that ‘ashva-tejasya’ which is one of the names of Lord Sun please bless us that we never utter ‘adhovani’, hurting words to others. This prayer helps in connecting our sacred bond with the lineage and comes with the special blessings from the lineage. Moreover, anybody (initiates and non-initiates) can experience the power of this mantra.

If you are further interested, then to begin Surya Sadhana in Sadhana App the auspicious time is 17th Oct, 2022 before sunrise. Put your heart and soul in this Sadhana and pray to the lineage to accept you as their baby. When we do any Sadhana we experience hindrances, in this case the hindrances can be low battery of your mobile, bugs in the App, not focusing properly, not able to maintain dietary restrictions etc.; just ignore all the obstacles and keep doing the Sadhana consistently without failing for a day. You can experience the power of this mantra in your comfy home irrespective of the fact whether you have physically met Swamiji before or not. I am pretty much sure if you do this Sadhana whole heartedly then you will be initiated by Swamiji. Do this Sadhana with full faith, not only to be blessed with initiation but also with many other unimaginable miracles in your life. Do not forget to give dakshina daily or on the last day of your Sadhana as per your means in Sadhana App.

If you do not have a proper internet connectivity in your area, then do not worry you can do Surya Sadhana as mentioned here from 18th Oct, 2022 before sunrise.

I always wait for the auspicious time to begin my Sadhanas and you can read my experiences here, here and here. I am doing this sadhana consistently every year and I am initiated to fifth level by Om Swamiji you can read more about it here.

If you have any query, then please do not hesitate to write to me at CHANDRIKASHUBHAMATGMAILDOTCOM.

Update : The next auspicious time to start Kartik Surya Sadhana in Sadhana App only is 21.11.2022 before sunrise.