This happened few years ago. It was during summer and I was directly sleeping on the floor without any mat, to get some relief from summer heat.. Although Bangalore once had  moderate climatic conditions, it not the same anymore.. Thanks to urbanization.. 

Back to the story, the summer heat was bothering even after mopping the floor before sleep every night.. However, I fell asleep in few mins time and suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. I did not check the time, but I immediately sat up and I found myself gazing at the window in the room..

I remained frozen for few seconds( I actually was scared and literally jumped from the place where I was sitting)! I do not know how to put this in to words, let me try.. 

It was a figure of a man there standing, his hairs matted and tied on head and few of the strands flowing down on his shoulders. Rudraksha was draped around the matted hair.. Rudraksha mala in his neck and also around his arms.. but , he was transparent exactly like water!! But clear well defined image of matted hair and Rudrakasha beeds!!!.. I then rubbed my eyes and looked at the window again, he had disappeared.. He looked similar to below image, except that he wasn’t sitting, but standing!..

Was he real? 2

I had just woke up suddenly but I know I was conscious enough to know what I was witnessing was not a dream.. I thought may be I was hallucinating because I was still sleepy, but the experience left me sleepless that day for the rest of the night.. 

Back then, I did not know anything about spirituality..Nor did I pray or practice any rituals.. I do not know if that experience was real, did he really chose to visit me, or was it my imagination?! Whatever is the case, it was an unforgettable experience…

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