I believe most of us are familiar with putting out a water bowl during summer for all animals and birds. The point is how many actually , practically put it into practice? I usually try to put a water bowl out , not just on my terrace but usually one on a shady street corner which is outside my house. Many wandering animals that don’t have access to colonies can actually get to drink from here. I make sure that I fill the water pot everyday. Because that’s a bigger task making sure fresh water is filled everyday.   I usually carry a 2 litre bottle of water to work so I manage to refill it every day. On Sunday’s I just make sure I go fill it up, it’s a little walk from my house so I just walk and fill it up.

The other day I was feeling a little lazy and didn’t fill it up. I made an excuse, after all who knows if anyone was actually drinking the water.(somedays the water felt untouched) so that day I missed filling it up. However something prompted me later  to go in the evening to fill it up. 

When I reached the spot, I found a cow. The gentle fellow was looking. The water pot was dry. The minute I filled it up the cow slurped up the water. Now I don’t, know if the cow is a regular, but what I figured was there might have been other creatures that had passed by in need of water because I hadn’t bothered to fill it. It might have quenched another creatures thirst. 

The heat is unbearable and most animals, birds need these water pots. Please try to put one out in front of your houses. Not just your terrace. I know those are easier to refill, but position a water pot somewhere near your house gate or colony gate, make sure they are accessible everyday to refill with out much effort. It’s just two months of filling a little water. And even one pot,as long as your filling it everyday is enough. If most of us end up doing it, I believe we can make it a little easier for our animal friends who can’t speak.