Mental health is not a much talked about topic in many parts of the world, India,for sure,being a part of it. The only health we care and know is the physical health and ailment. A lot of people struggling with these mental problems don’t even get diagnosed throughout their life because of the lack of knowledge and awareness among people. As a result an astoundingly large number of people are not able to get diagnosed and hence suffer from these illnesses throughout their lives.
Everyone’s life these days has become so hectic and stressful giving little or no time to sit back and relax with the loved ones. We just go everyday through the mayhem we call life . Even a small child right now has the perfect schedule for the day and even he is not free to do the things he wants to. Our lives wre controlled by the rules made by the society about how to behave and how to live our lives successfully. We run so much behind achieving success and doing the right thing according to the society , we forget that EVERY person is UNIQUE . Every individual has a different understanding and interpretationof various events and actions of others. A person cannot be forced to behave in a way the “SOCIETY” seems plausible. He shouldn’t be forced to go on a path on which he is uncomfortable and unhappy.
Happiness should be the goal of one’s life. Out of the billions of the day of the world how many are actually happy???
Are your content and happy???
What is stopping you????
Reflect upon this very day for the answers to the above questions and see.
Happiness is not obtained by doing things which you hope would make you hapoy in future. The future is uncertain. Live in the present. Do things which make you happy in present and these would make you happy in long run. When you are happy doing the everyday things , you’d be happy in the future too.

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