Patience, impatience, happiness, sadness, worry, excitement. What if I could control what I feel and for HOW LONG I FEEL IT?

Bend time? What does that even mean? Bending time is a concept we all might not know but have experienced numerous times in our life.

The only thing is we do not understand is how to do it at our own will! Does that mean it is not possible? I think not. If your mind can do it but you haven’t mastered to do it at your own will means it is a skill we have to learn and something which can be conquered (there is nothing that can’t be conquered, be it anything).

What do I mean by all of us have experienced it? I’ll give you my example which might have even occurred with you; holding a one min plank feels like an hour, but sometimes listening to a 3 min song feels like 30 seconds. Talking to a loved one for an hour feels like a min but getting scolded by your senior for 2 mins might feel like eternal. If you don’t like to listen to others much (and we all know our truth) putting in our opinion forward for 10 mins feels like not enough time, but listening to the other tell something you disagree with for 5 mins feels like 50 minutes.

Why does this happen? This is a question I would love to sit and discuss but what drives me is, How does it happen? How is my brain taking the same 1 minute according to our societal norms and making me feel it’s 10 minutes or 10 seconds depending on the situation?

My two cents? I believe it is the emotion/feeling behind the situation. 3 minutes of a beautiful song makes us smile hence not letting us feel it has been long. Whereas, 1 min plank that gives us pain- makes it us feel like it’s never-ending. I believe emotion/feeling is the driver when it comes to bending time. Won’t it be cool, if we could make a 3-minute melody feel like an hour and 1 min plank feels like a second? Is it possible, we only have to change our feeling/emotion behind our situation to bend time? Now is changing your emotion at times of pain to happiness, times of worry to the excitement, times of impatience to patience possible? I think anything and everything is. What is the process for it? That is the journey I am taking and want to find out because anything is possible if you believe it is. 

Have you tried to bend time (have control over your emotions) yet?

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