ITALY…as my house help calls it with her child like innocence and mouth full of tempted Salivary glands…or the Moon shaped Rice cake have been mine most comforting food to break from regular monotonous cousine! My mother says as a toddler we had Andhra neighbours ,and mom could often not find me hungry when she offered me finger foods because i had enjoyed Hearty Idlees with their son Balajee! In school my best freind was Gauri Vaidyanathan..
Could till date not find her on fb , For the idlees she brought in her steel tiffin with sour coconut chutney! In college most of my pre luch breaks were again idlee and Sambher…the most reasonable dish in Menu! As now ready to marry..i thought of marrying a South Indian man for my love for Idlees aswelll there great cooking skills ! The nature though thought something else and i Got married to someone who has house bang opposite Madras Cafe ,so all pregnancy as i never felt like eating anything to chew ,swallow and heavy ,my only was idlee at Madras cafe ..there is Karnatka restaurant just 500 meters from our place ,Naivedyam restaurant 1km and Uddipi midway from our house to Office…the office complex though had at walking distance Sona roopa ,sarvanna bhavan and Madras hotel…so idlees to the left ,idlees to the right ,idlees in the front and idlees on the back!Steamed ,soft ,fluffy digestable and Dieters healthy choice Idlees. When my toothless babies wanted to start eating Solid food ,Madras cafe owner uncle Ekaamberum said they r like prasadam for us ,feed your babies with it and they ll be Genius! So in pram i used to give kids a ride and feed them small small bites of zero fat ,cholestrol free healthy Idlees! Even when we went to Dubai or Malasia it was always a struggle for my vegetarian inlaws to find an eating joint…Idlees rescued us again! When i wanted to loose wait again Oats ,Raagi ,Sooji and Moobg daal idlees were a great healthy alternative! March 30th is celebrated as World Idlee day and there is a famous 80 years old lady in Coiamabatore known as One Rupee idlee paati ,who cooks for daily wagers and poor economicaly week idlees at 1 re only each day from 6am to 12 noon!Idlees taste brilliant with coconut chutney and sambhar for vegetarians ,while carnivores love it with fish ,chicken or lamb curry! The young and stylish love chinese idlee or italian pizza Italy or Saucy fried idlees! Which one is your favorite Swamily?