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In an old post of mine, I had discussed about whether we can set our own standards of achievement and what we deem as valuable. I had asked can we ourselves give immense real value to things that are not given their due in the world but are actually relevant, say for example total surrender to God? I ask will it not be an achievement in itself if somebody can totally surrender to God? Is it not something that is difficult to achieve and easier said than done but if somebody can do it, isn’t it commendable?

I have dreams. I have aspirations. And there is nothing new about it. Everyone has dreams and aspirations. I don’t know whether I will be able to make those dreams into reality. I do not know whether I will fail or succeed but can I at least achieve total surrender to God? Is it something that can be achieved? It may boost some ego in a manner like ‘Oh look I am surrendered to God.’ But other than that I feel it will do more good.  This is my thought process and I thoroughly believe in it.

Similarly, no matter what someone achieves materially- wealth,fame,etc. but, will it not be an achievement and a great one if someone could surrender the fruits of his actions at Bhagwan’s feet and keep doing his work without getting too stressed about it? No matter at what position of power or money a person is or is not, will it not be an achievement if most or all of the actions done by the person are mindful and with awareness that what he did was the best he could do in a particular situation.

Isn’t it an achievement if somebody cares and respects his parents, family and friends, is full of love, serves people, cares for nature and is kind and compassionate. A person may or may not be rich, powerful or beautiful but if he does all this aren’t they an achiever and a soul who is beautiful? Is it wrong to be proud of being an achiever?  I do not know what will I achieve materially, I am still doing my studies. I will work hard but I don’t know what’s in store for me. All I want is a holistic sense of achievement for myself.

Tell me what achievement feels like to you? To me all this is achievement too and I am really intrigued by this idea.

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